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power electronics industry in china on august 12, vice chairman of china association for science and technology, the secretariat of a line, won in wang yingchun, deputy secretary-general of anhui provincial party committee, the standing committee of the cppcc zhou jianjiang, provincial association for science and technology of the party group secretary, executive vice president wang xun accompanied, as "public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation" innovative policies and measures to carry out the situation to carry out special investigations sun power.

a row won't visited hefei r&d center, sun power and built into the roof of the power of 3 mw distributed photovoltaic power station, detailed listened to, vice president dr zhao wei on enterprise innovation of science and technology, the protection of intellectual property rights, management development, as well as the relevant national scientific research support policy implementation report, for the company in recent years, a series of innovations and development achievements gave full affirmation. he pointed out that "sunshine power over the years has always been to focus on energy conversion technology, pragmatic, innovative scientific research attitude to business enterprise, and reached the international leading part in the field of new energy, is for the development of new energy industry in china has made a great contribution to."

survey, he encourage enterprises to continue to adhere to the road of innovation driven development, further improve the scientific research innovation system, and promote innovation ability and scientific research level, strengthen the development and protection of intellectual property rights work, increase the innovation and development. in more development achievements at the same time, the enterprise will fully give play to the role of science and technology the backbone of the leading enterprises, efforts to build public entrepreneurship, has strong social atmosphere of innovation, for the development of science and technology enterprise in our country and innovative national construction continuously make new greater contributions.