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against the midsummer burning passion july, july 29-31, inovance technology and nearly 500 high quality exhibitors at home and abroad gathered in the shenzhen convention and exhibition center, participated in the global high-end electronics manufacturing china feast - the first china intelligent equipment industry expo and the 4th china electronic equipment industry fair (hereinafter referred to as the china electronics show). among them, inovance technology in electronic manufacturing industry comprehensive solutions, to witness the new achievements in the field of electronics manufacturing, china and the world by shenzhen leadership affirmation.

it is understood that china electronics show is the only intelligent electronic equipment industry and domestic professional exhibitions as the theme. in line with the concept of "leading high-end electronic frontier intelligence to build", inovance technology and core parts and industrial robots solutions, industrial visual products, ethercat bus motor, servo system solutions, the advantages of the plc, programmable controller and the product appearance, the exhibition attracted a lot of professional audiences and well-known manufacturers to visit advice. the crowded, warm atmosphere.

as a start in shenzhen and fully interprets the "shenzhen speed", "national brand of industrial automation, inovance technology the trip to shenzhen exhibition won the shenzhen leadership attention. on july 29, vice mayor of shenzhen mayor hsu, shenzhen chen biao leads to inovance booth visit guidance, respectively with inovance technology exhibition staff friendly communication, and put forward: hope inovance technology unceasingly enterprising, continuous pilot high-end electronic frontier intelligence building.

inovance technology exhibition said pay total, inovance will continue to provide comprehensive solutions for electronics manufacturing industry, in order to promote china's electronic equipment industry and corporate image and promote china's electronic smart update equipment industry to make greater contribution.